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Development as Service

Dorine E. van Norren

Initiatives of the Global South have much to contribute to the discussions on development, sustainability and climate change, especially when it comes to changing our behavior. The world is constantly making new agreements on how to …

Action, Agenda, Analysis, Ideas, Stories


John Clark

“The way up and the way down are one and the same.” – Heraclitus

“If I knew the Way, I would take you to the Oikos.” – The Grateful Dead (slightly paraphrased)

Ted Trainer’s recent two-part article on …

Action, Agenda, Analysis, Ideas, Stories

The Prosumer Economy: Being Like a Forest

Uygar Özesmi

The contemporary world economy is based on large-scale production, competition, growth, consumption and profit maximization, increasingly the cause of rampant economic inequality all over the world, and extreme disharmony with nature. To reach its objective of selling the …

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