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Zimbabwe Permaculture: community transformation in just 20 years!

chikukwa-projectFounded on the theory of ‘permaculture’, the Chikukwa Project, through its humble beginnings with just 6 concerned neighbors, has flourished and succeeded for over 20 years now. When a spring, serving 50 households dried up and rains silted up their water digging attempt, a permaculture design workshop was organized. Following the workshop people began collecting seeds, planting trees, growing vegetables and starting fruit tree nurseries; they fenced off springs and planted native species and woodlots and put in contour bunds and swales.  Today the Chiukwa Ecological Land use Community Trust exists and a Permaculture Centre to host workshops for surrounding towns and villages. They also reach beyond permaculture and teach conflict transformation, building community relations and peace in their region of Zimbabwe.


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