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In Defence of Life: Cajamarca, Colombia

Mariana Gomez Soto and Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello

The history of large-scale mining in Colombia is inseparable from the violence of European colonialism in the Americas. Prior to the Spanish invasion nearly five centuries ago, gold was extracted on a relatively …

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The Coming Green Colonialism

Nnimmo Bassey

We have entered the era of Nature-based colonialism. Call it the Green Colonialism. The gloves are coming off. The climate crisis in the world is being approached as a mere unfolding change, as business opportunities and not …

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REDWeb Anniversary Series -Marx and Political Ecology

Omar Dahbour

Marxian theory is usually connected to environmental concerns through the attempt to provide an explanation for the historical origins of climate change, species extinction, and other facets of the contemporary ecological crisis [eg Foster 2000, Moore2015, Malm 2016]. …

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Finding Pathways to a Better Future

By John Foran

A proposal that our movements confront the issue of Political Power, finding new ways to take and use it.

Where Have We Been?

Unlike other ecosocialists, I have long argued that the path to radical social transformation …

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The Movements of Movements…

Towards doing something together about where we are today, and some thoughts about rethinking our dance

 By Jai Sen

Our world, today, is not only a world in profound crisis but also a world in profound movement, with major and …

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Questioning Development, Transforming Modernity

By Arturo Escobar

As the world confronts an increasingly uncertain ecological future and the accompanying oppressive economic inequality, this is a good moment to take stock of what has happened with the radical critiques of development of the 1990s, and …


Is There A Way Out?

Ashish Kothari and Pallav Das

One doesn’t need exceptional socio-political acumen to recognize that the contemporary world is in a state of toxic ferment. The dystopian future of environmental and economic collapse that we’ve seen advancing menacingly for long seems …

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Red and Green: The Ecosocialist Perspective

By Michael Löwy

The contemporary international political economy is marked by a great contradiction. On a planet characterized by finite resources, the economy is predicated upon an absurd and irrational logic of infinite expansion and accumulation. With its fossil fuel …

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Ecofeminism and Radical Ecological Democracy

A conversation between Ariel Salleh and Ashish Kothari

 AK: How does feminism come together with ecological thinking to question ‘development fundamentalism’ in the global South?

 AS: In North and South, ecofeminist politics is based on women’s daily efforts to …

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