Radical Ecological Democracy

Searching for alternatives to unsustainable and inequitable model of ‘development’



“Hola, Gustavo!”- A personal tribute to Gustavo Esteva

The struggle for progressive “alternatives” suffered a great loss last month when one of its prominent standard bearers, Gustavo Esteva, passed away at the age of 86 in Mexico. In his remarkable and revolutionary journey spanning over six decades, Esteva redefined the very idea of “societal transformation”, and charted a unique course of praxis and theory for the realization of his vision. In this personal tribute, Ashish Kothari recounts Esteva’s enormous contributions, and their collaboration in the quest for meaningful “alternatives”.

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Reflections on the Founding of the First Ecosocialist International

The search for transformative alternatives to the current miasma of neoliberalism is very much on. Ecosocialism is one such idea finding resonance in many parts of the world. Quincy Saul recounts the thinking and the efforts behind the founding of the First Ecosocialist International.

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Finding Pathways to a Better Future

2017 has seen the kindling of resistance to global capitalism and the accompanying elite rule. John Foran gives us an insight into the ideological imperative of the movements leading that charge, and outlines the possible path towards an ecologically just and economically egalitarian future.

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Questioning Development, Transforming Modernity

If the failure of the idea of “development” is manifest in the economic and ecological crisis rampant all over the world, then how exactly do we assess “modernity”? What are the emerging alternatives to the western narrative of “development”? Arturo Escobar explores the recent thinking on these critical issues.

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Is There A Way Out?

There’s much that makes us feel despondent in the contemporary world – climate change, economic inequality, social discord and a sense of intense personal ennui. How do we move towards solutions which restore sanity to our existence and connect us to others in our communities and to nature? Ashish Kothari and Pallav Das explain the idea, conviction and commitment behind an attempt at documenting some of the serious efforts being made in that direction.

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‘Nature’s Grandchildren’

Rabindranath Tagore designed a revolutionary form of pedagogy for the educational institutions he founded as a challenge to British educational orthodoxy. It was based on revolutionary environmental principles and influenced by the country’s ancient philosophical insights. Aseem Shrivastava discusses its deep relevance for the contemporary world.

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