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In Defence of Life: Cajamarca, Colombia

Mariana Gomez Soto and Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello

The history of large-scale mining in Colombia is inseparable from the violence of European colonialism in the Americas. Prior to the Spanish invasion nearly five centuries ago, gold was extracted on a relatively …


Planting Trees To Challenge Israeli Occupation

By Zeina Fakhriddin

Ever since the creation of an Israeli state in 1948, Palestine has been a victim of an ongoing process of colonization with discriminatory policies and laws that facilitate the exploitation of indigenous Palestinian communities and their natural …

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The Seed Exchange at Nabon, Ecuador

On the 6th of August, more than 2,000 peasants gathered at Nabón, Ecuador to firmly say no to transgenic crops and seeds. It was the occasion of the 15th Seeds and Ancestral Knowledge Exchange organized by the “Autonomous Government of …


The Longo Mai Movement

The Longo Mai movement is a group of agricultural cooperatives with a basic grass-roots, alternative, rural, laic and sustainable ideology. It has its origins in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. Young people from the “generation 68” founded the first settlement …

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